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Low Vision Reflection

Tis a season to be jolly... or perhaps jolly disorientated. Glittering decorations and twinkling lights make for a festive vibe. Add in carols, jingles and loads of people and you get a gloriously cluttered visual landscape and sensory overload. 

Eyes on Celebrations 

Sorry to pop the joy bubble, but Christmas holidays can be very confusing if you already have confusing, or really bad,  vision. So, to all the Low vision folk , we wish you ‘Peace on Earth’. 

Here are some of my coping tricks to find Peace amidst the celebrations:

If walking amidst crowds, I close my eyes behind my dark glasses, hold onto my companion’s elbow and listen to passing conversations with interest.

I no longer struggle at a buffet table. When feeling extraverted, I tuck in behind a stranger and ask if they could help me as they serve themselves. In discussing the choices we get to know each other and then there is one less stranger on both sides. 

On introverted days, even though I could struggle along, I just say, ” Yes please, that would be amazing if you dished up for me.”

In a shopping centre I look up at the ceiling admiringly rather than at all the visual clutter.  The shapes are usually uncluttered and the position of the lighting often gives clues about the walkways. 

If overwhelmed, I force myself to become  mindful of the solid feeling of the floor beneath my feet.

Other tips:

– Buy plain wrapping paper for gifts

– Use plain colour or finely textured table decor

 – Focus (ha ha) on listening to  others.

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