PAD PERCH assistive reading device

Use your smart device hands-free!

The PadPerch was created out of Jenny’s need for a portable desktop magnifier. Smart devices mostly have high resolution cameras, making them the most affordable source of electronic magnification. The problem is, if you hold your phone in your hands, the more you magnify, the less steady the image is. Also, you only have one hand free to perform a desired task.

PadPerch logo

The PadPerch allows hands-free use of magnifying and other camera-based apps. Independently filling in forms, threading needles, drawing, crafting, doing DIY projects and reading can restore joy and dignity.

PadPerch options

PadPerch Deluxe version now available. It is solid oak with parts made to fit. We make-to-order so lead times vary. Please note, we are no longer making the PVC version on the promo video.

Pad Perch De Luxe version

PadPerch Deluxe

Pad Perch Standard version

Watch this space for exciting update

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