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Low vision Inclusion – Consulting and Solutions

It does not matter how many carrots you eat, you are likely to face visual challenges at some time in your life.  Whether you are trying to read from your phone when there is reflection off the screen; struggling with tired eyes from hours working at your computer, or noticing age related degeneration, there are design adaptations and solutions to reduce visual stress and enhance confidence.

Whichever way you look at it (pun intended), vision challenges may not yet be curable, but the way we adapt and design our digital and physical environments can increase the ease and enjoyment of navigating or interacting with them. Make your online services so user friendly that even the tech challenged would want to come back.

What we offer

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Communication about ways to SEE using tips, tricks and smart devices

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U. R.

Inspirational speaking about identity and purpose through loss

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Consulting on design solutions for inclusion in physical and digital spaces

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Padperch stand for hands free magnifying and OcR capturing

Featured post

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I App-reciate and App-laud all the geeks and coders who had to switch gears to help get businesses and services online during Covid. Lockdowns forced with sign-ups, isolation bred innovation and, as stressful as it was, reluctant tech users were launched into cyberspace.

20/20, as the number promised, gave us all clarity into our priorities and fragilities. Focus magnified our values of family and friendships, the privilege of employment and being able to access healthy food and medicine. Our cognisance of the needs of those without work, food or family, was highlighted. Community projects sprung up and all sorts of people got involved in sorts of ways to help others survive and thrive.

Excuse the play on words, but for me, it was an eye-opener and a real blinder at the same time. Many businesses upped their online security, updated Apps and launched new products in a hurry and, unknowingly left a bunch of us stranded or excluded.

Whilst I am not equipped to ‘fight for rights’, I do want to gently uncover a gap that broadened during COVID…

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