Low Vision Inclusion Consulting & Products

ladies looking at a computer screen to illustrate that eyesight is precious

Losing eyesight is not necessarily the end of the world … it can be the beginning of a new one.

As you will know, changes in vision affects how we live life, shop, bank, interact with people and our environment. Many people are terrified at the thought of losing their vision and some of us even deny it when we are.

Low vision affects over 253 million people worldwide. We are not blind, we have confusing vision. Most of us have some sort of useful light perception and so find ways to cope so that we look normal… whatever that is.

At C-UR-Able we offer services and products that allow people who are visually impaired to be able to live and thrive in life and work.

Our services

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Living with low vision
for individuals

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Design inclusion
for organisations

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Inspiring ability
for everyone

About C-UR-Able

Many eye diseases are not yet curable, but advances in affordable technology allow people with visual impairments to access information… if designed accessibly.

The name helps us keep our vision clear (pun intended).

Phonetically it is sounded, “See, you are able”, but you are welcome to say, “Curable” for short.  We do!

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