Jenny Webster smiling

About C-UR-Able

Many eye diseases are not yet curable, but advances in affordable technology allow people with visual impairments to access information… if designed accessibly.

The name helps us keep our vision clear (pun intended).

Phonetically it is sounded, “See, you are able”, but you are welcome to say, “Curable” for short.  We do!

Jenny Webster founded this business out of her lifelong experience navigating life with a degenerative eye disease.  In this journey of joy and pain, she saw that many of the frustrations are fixable.

Our vision

Our vision is to foster inclusion by:

1  Training people with low vision to use their smart devices to ‘see’.

2  Inspiring others to see hope and discover their purpose.

3  Helping designers see how their creating can enable independence and dignity.

Our services

person with magnifying glass

Living with low vision
for individuals

designer using colour swatch

Design inclusion
for organisations

flower taking root between rocks

Inspiring ability
for everyone