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Blog: Buying Bubbly

As we enter the festive season I remembered a funny incident from last year. I hope it gives you a giggle too. Happy festive season.

A laugh while buying bubbly.

On New Year’s eve, in preparation for our celebrations my hubby and I rushed into the  busy, unfamiliar  liquor store near our holiday accommodation to get a bottle of bubbly. It was a little shop crammed with bottles and boxes nearly to the roof, and festive music was spilling out of the exits on 2 adjacent sides of the store.

He grabbed the nearest bottle of sparkling wine (not champagne) off the specials display and headed for the nearest cashier.  I stood to the side with my mobility cane, pressed up against boxes and trying to keep out of the way.  With all the noise and colourful decorations, I could not work out who was waiting in which queue.  As he was paying a guy called out from behind the boxes, “Hey, here is the back of the line.” 

I looked around at the people-filled clothes, aimed my face in the direction of the speaker and said loudly, “Oops – sorry, we robbed you blind!” 

The others with him laughed in surprise when they saw my white cane.  As the queue  shuffled forward, I could make out 2 people at the checkout. I asked the laughing girl nearest to me, “Which man is mine?” She flapped her sleeve in one direction and so I aimed my cane, ambled over, put my hand gently on the man’s shoulder knowing that all eyes were on me. 

Recognising  the familiar shaped shoulder muscles, and then feeling slightly awkward being watched, I dragged my hand down and patted him on the bottom. 

The girl snorted and said loudly, “What happens if he was the wrong one?” 

I replied, “Then I would be embarrassed” and added, with a grin “…or maybe not?”

Everyone laughed. It was like they never expected a blind-ish person to be mischievous. 

As VIP’s we often make mistakes or assumptions that lead us into awkward situations. I was grateful that this holiday crowd had a bubbly sense of humour. …and that my hubby is not shy about his well-shaped… er…butt! 

Happy festive season.

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