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The Pad Perch

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Use your device hands-free!

The Pad Perch was created out of Jenny’s need for a portable desktop magnifier. Smart devices mostly have high resolution cameras, making them the most affordable source of electronic magnification. The problem is, if you hold your phone in your hands, the more you magnify, the less steady the image is. Also, you only have one hand free to perform a desired task.

The Pad Perch allows hands–free use of magnifying and other camera–based Apps. Independently filling in forms, threading needles, drawing, crafting, doing DIY projects and reading can restore joy and dignity.

The Padperch recently received funding for development in the SAB Foundation’s Disability Empowerment Awards 2021.

Designed by user

While it was designed as a solution for the visually impaired, it is very useful  for many other occupations. Detailed drawing, threading needles, painting miniatures, analysing building plans, reading small instructions and other tasks needing magnification. It is useful for making top-down videos hands free and scanning multiple pages. It can also be used during power outages to use the torch hands free to light up a large surface area.

The frontfacing camera allows hands free use for watching movies in bed,  using mirror Apps for makeup, hands free signing for the deaf, and resting your smart device above the kitchen counter when baking.

Image of Pad Perch being used to magnify chopping board while cutting cucumber
Image of Pad Perch being used by student to magnify homework book
Image of Pad Perch being used to magnify Google map showing on small smartphone screen
Image of Pad Perch being used by lady to read book

Ergonomically efficient

Designed to improve posture by raising the screen above the desk to reduce neck strain and hunching forward, whist reducing elbow, arm and hand injury from extensive holding of devices. It is ideal when the device is used with a Bluetooth keyboard.

The stand is light weight, portable, adjustable (depending on version). It is gravity based so can be used on many different surfaces, counters and even the floor.

Designed for iOS devices, but compatible with devices with corner cameras.

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