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PadPerch Standard

Product specifications:
• The PadPerch Standard Version is made out of aluminium, with injection moulded parts.
• The height is adjusted with spring clips.
• The platform has holes for devices with multiple cameras and a non-slip platform surface.
• The joints are made to fit, so collapsing for portability is slightly more difficult than the Deluxe Version.
• It weighs < 850g
• The end caps also increase grip on slippery counters.

If you would like to pre-order more than 5 Standard PadPerches and qualify for a bulk discount, please email your request to:

Designed for iOS devices, but compatible with devices with corner cameras.

Projected release date: April 2024

If you pre-order your interest we will email you the, “Yahoo, it’s arrived!” email which will make it easy for you to say “yes, where do I pay” or “no thanks, not today”.

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