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Design for inclusion

Design with low vision in mind

Designers of personal, public and online spaces can greatly impact the mobility, independence and social participation of persons living with low vision through creating inclusive (and less stressful) environments.

Physical spaces

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While making public spaces accessible to persons with low vision is often seen as an unfortunate and costly obligation associated with gaudy colours and cumbersome strips on the edges of stairs, this need not be the case when utilising the services of a professional consultant.  

Property developers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, operators of leisure and tourism venues and interior designers can also save money, time and frustration by applying low vision principles in their design of décor, marketing materials and signage.

Online spaces

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Similarly, websites, apps and online portals designed with low vision users in mind, especially those who may need to use screen readers, may still be striking and appealing to those without visual impairments.  Trendy colours and modern designs can still be user-friendly for seniors, persons with low vision, those with dyslexia and those with multi-focal spectacles if core low vision principles are cleverly applied.

Need help with understanding inclusive design or in selecting appropriately experienced providers of inclusive design services?

We have a team of consultants, collaborators and carefully selected partners who specialise in inclusive design for personal spaces, public spaces, online spaces and more!

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