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About us

About Curable (see, you are able)

At Curable we present humorous and educational experiences to help developers and designers to create spaces that make sense to all people, including those with sensory difficulties.

About Jenny

Hi am Jenny, the founder of Curable. Being visually impaired is a great bonus to sighted people who are wanting to design for inclusion.

I, along with my vision impaired siblings and friends, have worked out some really unusual ways to navigate in physical spaces and digital platforms. we have all kinds of tips and tricks that are useful for 2 groups of people:

– Those who design for all of us to move about and be included amongst your customers.
– Those who are new to vision loss.

I am a member of the Helen Keller Low Vision services and have been mentored and involved with Low Vision Seniors for 10 years. I teach people how to use their smart devices to access text.

My background as a visually impaired educator and leader, has forced me to use alternative methods of communicating concepts.

I write for re-energising.

Interpersonal (emotional) and physical (environmental) adjustments

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Persons with low vision face two main areas of adjustment:
• Interpersonal adjustments, which revolve around how they engage with others,
• Practical adjustments, which concern how they relate and adapt to their physical environment.

While we may all have different ways of dealing with loss, we have to embrace it to remain emotionally healthy. Receiving appropriate support from family, friends, NGOs and healthcare professionals can make a world of difference to our journey. Similarly, the structuring and appearance of interior, exterior and digital spaces can substantially impact mobility and our ability to participate in society.

C-ur-able aims to connect people with those who are able to empower and assist them in meeting the challenges of daily life.

What we offer

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Views and insights

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Low vision

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Inclusive design

Visual cues for digital and physical spaces

Jenny also partners with selected businesses and organisations who have a passion for inclusion and understanding of those facing functional vision loss. 

Her partners include:

• Helen Keller Society Low Vision Services
• Interior Disability Design
• Grant Tinney – industrial design
• Cadiz Street – web design and development
• Sundry eye care professionals
• Sundry organisations and academic institutions